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Service Pack for Wary/Racy 5.5

March 10, 2013 — BarryK
OK, here it is (49K):

It solves these problems:

Remaster live-CD fixed (see Setup menu).
Puppy Podcast Grabber was broken (see Internet menu).
Trash icon on desktop: drag file to it, changed sound from burp to 2barks.
Grub bootloader config (see System menu) was broken.
Web browser Puppy-home-page had a broken link.
Check permissions on /tmp when install a package.
Auto offer to install service_pack when available, was broken.

The Service Pack is supposed to be automatically detected when the Puppy Package Manager is started, but that is broken for Wary and Racy -- so this Service Pack has a fix for that.
But, for this first Service Pack, you have to manually install it -- just download it and click on it.


ok thanks
Username: HiDeHo
Hi just wanting to know if you are going to fix the problem that wary cant run the updated chrome. chrome is a great browser for puppy. it is fast and light with built in flash i find ti runs best in most puppy os i have used it in. are wary/racy still latest releases downloads?? if so then be good to have chrome to.

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