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Woof: disable arch install scripts

March 16, 2013 — BarryK
When noryb009 updated Woof for improved building from Arch Linux packages, he did a great job in script '0setup', with a fast awk script.
In '3builddistro' he implemented execution of the Arch .INSTALL script. He accumulated these in rootfs-complete and then chrooted into rootfs-complete to execute them.

I took a fresh look at this today. When doing a cross-build, say building on a x86 host for a arm target, chroot cannot be used.
So, I looked through all of the .INSTALL scripts -- there were only 34 of them in the Puppy build, furthermore most of them are trivial and can be disregarded. I narrowed it down to 8 that actually do anything, then decided they are also trivial.

Besides, 4 of those 8 are in the 'devx', so do not get executed by the current code in 3builddistro.

I noticed that those .INSTALL scripts all have relative paths, so could probably be executed without chroot, and in fact would probably be better off being executed in 2createpackages, in the same way that Slackware '' scripts are executed (which does aufs-mount the devx, and does not use chroot, and applies some precautions).

Anyway, for now I have totally disabled execution of Arch '.INSTALL' scripts in 3builddistro.
They are still executed when Arch packages are installed via the PPM however, a feature that I introduced yesterday.

Woof commit:


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