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Woof: missing package fixed

March 20, 2013 — BarryK
Pemasu reported a couple of problems when building Upup Precise in latest Woof.

The 'xdialog' package is in the package-list, but was not in the final build. Also, the wrong 'xdialog' was being selected, from the 'wary5' repo, when it is expected to be got from the 'common' repo.

I have fixed both of these problems, in script support/findpkgs in Woof. The PET search order in file DISTRO_PET_REPOS was also fixed.

Woof commit:


Test post
Username: veronicathecow
'veronicathecow' has registered.

can I undo?
Username: scsijon
"With a fresh getwoof of woof2 this morning (0600) Sorry, but what can I do to undo? #130320 get rid of |puppy|wary5| |t2|8.0rc| in fallbacks searching for pet. Else with adding wary5 into my packagelists pet order in the appropriate place, it seems to be dropping the last one (puppy-4) off and not finding packages listed in it, they just error out with packages-pet .... does not exist. They are there, in the packages-pet directory, and if I change the order they are found and others are missing. PACKAGELISTS_PET_ORDER='Packages-puppy-mage2-unofficial Packages-puppy-drake-official Packages-puppy-noarch-official Packages-puppy-wary5-official Packages-puppy-common-official Packages-puppy-4-official'

Fix findpkgs
Username: BarryK
"scsijon, Try this: [i]PACKAGELISTS_PET_ORDER="Packages-puppy-mage2-unofficial Packages-puppy-drake-official Packages-puppy-noarch-official Packages-puppy-common-official Packages-puppy-wary5-official Packages-puppy-4-official"[/i] That is, put -common- before -wary5- That is the preferred search order, to look in 'common' first, as 'wary5' and '4' might have older versions of a PET. I might have to bring back |t2|8.0rc|, as it was earlier on. Yes, looking in 'common' repo, there are a lot of those |t2|8.0rc|, and currently they are getting missed. OK, I have reverted that code in script support/findpkgs: [code]#need hack, older quirky pkgs compiled with |t2|8.0rc| and have some of these in common repo... #130320 get rid of |puppy|wary5| |t2|8.0rc| ... 130321 bring back |t2|8.0rc| ... if [ "$DISTRO_BINARY_COMPAT" = "puppy" ];then petcompiledPTNS="${petcompiledPTNS} |t2|8.0rc| |puppy| |" #increasingly desperate. last one will find any pkg with matching name. 130312 add wary5. else petcompiledPTNS="${petcompiledPTNS} |${DISTRO_BINARY_COMPAT}| |t2|8.0rc| |puppy| |" #increasingly desperate. 130312 add wary5. fi [/code] I have also updated Woof online, but if you wish, you can just edit the script as per above.

fix findpkgs plus
Username: scsijon
"have ammended findpkgs and will try it out tonight, off to work for the afternoon soon. But the pkgslist_pet_order problem seemed to be that it would only take five lists and not six, it ignored the sixth and without the findpkgs having an autosearch in wary5 six are needed. My only alternative is to add the ones I use from drake into my mage2 list.

exit problem on build
Username: scsijon
"1- from fix findpkgs plus above - confirming that a sixth pkglist is being ignored for me. I 'kludged' it by combining what I use from drake into mage2 and it builds all the packages now. 2- Building distro is getting to Creating base Release Notes, then EXIT=Exit in timeout. ?Any ideas as I haven't changed the DISTRO_PKG_SPECS-mageia-2 from my previous woof2 and it worked ok there.

Re exit problem
Username: BarryK
"scsijon, I have just done an Spup build, with latest Woof. 3builddistro ran right through without any error, and I got a working distro.

re exit problem
Username: scsijon
"I have kludged a fix by going back 1 mage2 distro_pkg_specs version, that works with the latest woof2 downloaded, but have no idea what's wrong with the latest as filesizes, hash's and xdiff say they are the same, yet one builds in the last woof and the other won't in the latest. Now to get it updated. I wonder if it's a package problem, we will see! I shall pm when I / if I find the problem.

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