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Donation buttons removed

April 13, 2013 — BarryK
I have removed the donation buttons from the Puppy download page:

I'll explain why later.

Are there any other donation buttons (for donating to me)? I don't know if there are any on


good decision

There were
Username: Raffy
"There were donation links for you there, but are now removed. Any clue as to the reason (a link will do)?

Username: aarf
"although i know nothing about it. seems more PC.

Donation button restored
Username: BarryK
"I had an issue with my previous PayPal account. I have opened a new PayPal account, and have restored the 'Donate' button on the Puppy download page: Donations, averaged out, are small, but cover my Internet costs, plus contribute toward Puppy-related hardware purchases that I sometimes make. On average, donations have been about US$15 per week over recent months. It was a bit higher earlier. There was a blip about two years ago when an Aussie benefactor (who desired to remain anonymous) donated a quite substantial amount. Recently of course, it has been nothing, as the donation buttons were removed. Note, my next Puppy-related expenditure will be to purchase one of a "first batch" run of the EOMA-68 CPU boards, which will probably be a little under US$100 -- expensive, because they will only be making about 20 of them. For further info on EOMA-68:

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