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kmod: depmod broken

April 30, 2013 — BarryK
I have done a build of Raring Puppy using the Ubuntu Raring Ringtail final packages.

Raring pup now uses 'kmod', however on bootup I found that the symlink of 'depmod' to 'kmod' was wrong -- I fixed it in 3builddistro.
Note, the outcome of this bug is a broken system, so this fix is essential.

I burnt this latest Raring pup to a CD and booted up on an oldish Pentium 4 PC, with SiS video.
I then discovered that the gpu drm sis.ko kernel driver does not load, as it needs sisfb.ko -- in Woof, I always choose to delete the framebuffer modules.
So, I made an exception for sisfb.ko in 3builddistro.

Woof commit:

The SiS Xorg driver still doesn't work, only Xorg 'vesa' driver. Furthermore, with 'sisfb.ko' loaded, running Xorg with 'vesa' driver then exit to console, get black screen.

So, I have left sisfb.ko blacklisted.

Tags: woof