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Kmod replaces module-init-tools

April 18, 2013 — BarryK
Woof now supports package 'kmod', a replacement for 'module-init-tools' (utilities depmod, rmmod, modinfo, etc). Kmod also has libkmod.

Woof commit:


re kmod
Username: 01micko
Thanks for that. I don't feel so "out there" now :happy: Could you please add kmod to DISTRO_PKGS_SPECS for wheezy (all arches) and raspbian? Module-init-tools are dummy packages in those as well. Hopefully busybox catches up soon, surely will.

pet_packages-quirky problems
Username: scsijon
"Doing a racy woof2 set download on my development box. However, I'm getting an awfull lot of error 404 Not Found Remote file does not exist -- broken link!!! and they all lead back to the quirky pet directory on a number of servers including ibiblio. Maybe it's either corrupted or died. However i'm not on a machine I can play with at present to try directly.

Raspbian kmod
Username: BarryK
"OK, changed package-list for Raspbian Wheezy to kmod.

Kmods2 I take it?
Username: scsijon
"Just a query on the version we will be using My kmod link is and I was just wondering why we are changing over? thanks

re kmod2
Username: BarryK
"scsijon, Unfortunately, that is something else with the same name.

re kmods2 and kmod
Username: scsijon
"Blast, I wish they wouldn't do that, but we are in a free world. Can you give me a url for your kmod then please. I'm starting to get my head a little deeper into it all for an wierd idea I have had and I want to 'cook-it-up' a little bit before I ask for developer thoughts and programmer help.

Username: BarryK

Re kmod
Username: BarryK
"Kmod has got nothing to do with systemd.

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