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Match GTK+3 theme to GTK+2

April 01, 2013 — BarryK
01micko proposed support for matching GTK+3 theme to GTK+2, integrated in the 'gtk-chtheme' application:

I have updated the 'gtk-chtheme' PET and the template in Woof, also put some code into '3builddistro'.

Woof commit:

So far, we have matching Adwaita theme for GTK+3 (PET created by thunor) and GTK+2 (PET created by 01micko):


re gtk3 theming
Username: 01micko
Ha! Gtk3 theming is somewhat of a mess! I think you've seen his blog (iirc). What I posted seems to not work on most themes. Anyway, there are complaints all over the place and one solution according to [url=]Archwiki is to copy the whole gtk-3.0 theme dir to ~/.config/ ! Not link. Apparently it can be written to that way and I guess that would present issues in a multiuser situation if linked, not sure if it would bother us? "[i]If it still does not change, delete old gtk-3.0 folder in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME and copy gtk-3.0 folder from /path/to/theme to $XDG_CONFIG_HOME. Example: $ rm -r ~/.config/gtk-3.0/ $ cp -r /usr/share/themes/Zukitwo/gtk-3.0/ ~/.config/ [/i]" fwiw ---- I reckon we could create a few simple puppified themes anyway. When the time comes..

DarkMint and DarkCold4
Username: vicmz
"These themes have GTK3 support, although they are dark somebody could like them, even make non-dark variations: I should test Raring and see if I can package some GTK3 themes from the web, when I find the time --school term has just started here.

improved chtheme
Username: 01micko
"pemasu and myself found that heaps of gtk3 themes were not working, so we decided to symlink the whole theme to ~/.config/gtk-3.0 and most work fine. Archwiki says to "copy" probably because of multiuser, so maybe if you are fido this fails. Some themes are big though. Anyway, I added basic support for our home grown themes with a few gross assumptions. Basically you get the background colour and that's it! Someone could improve it immensely but not me, the bone is there. :cool: Pet<-- I realise about the other adjustments in woof.

Symlink to GTK3 theme
Username: BarryK
"OK, I have implemented symlink to the GTK+3 theme, as suggested by 01micko. Woof commit: PET (12K):

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