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Mel hol continues

April 15, 2013 — BarryK
I am enjoying my holiday in Melbourne! Weather has been quite good the last few days, today overcast with a bit of rain:



rain wanted soon!
Username: scsijon
"Hopefully we will see some rain by the end of the month up here in Victoria's Mallee, else there will be some grain problems this year as most of us didn't have any decent rain back in January to give us some subsoil moisture for the new crop to start. And it can :-) affect you all, especially the beer drinkers (barley),and those that eat bread and cook with flour (wheat) as our australian and especially victorian stockpiles available for sale are quickly dwindling. And when barry gets back home there is a pm on murga-linux for him, it's not urgent.

tech news
Username: SouthPaws
"Hey Barry, have you seen this?

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