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Xorg Wizard

April 24, 2013 — BarryK
Just to let everyone know, I'm working on the Xorg Wizard, script /usr/sbin/xorgwizard.



use backup of xorg.conf
Username: don570
" I wonder is there any way of automating the use of a backup copy of xorg.conf So if there is crash of X or a restart of X then the user could select the backup copy with a simple terminal command.

Username: K Godt
"Ideas I have : * Split xorgwizard into xorgwizard_cli and Xorgwizard for the gtkdialog gui . * Put the touchpad xorg.conf snipplets into an /etc/X11/xorgwizard/touchpad.db file that can be sourced . * Confuse newbies by putting in dialog --title "Summary of Xorg test" --exit-label "Proceed" --textbox /var/log/Xorg.0.log into while [ "$XAUTO" -ne 0 ];do #testloop

Username: L 18 L
"Like some easy stuff ? tile slider game by Joe Wingbermuehle [b]internationalized[/b] see please [img][/img]

Only video full-screen
Username: Raffy
"As a user, I only have an issue with Xorg settings when I try to play videos full-screen. Otherwise, a basic Xvesa display will be OK. A "barebone" wizard like what Wary uses could be used as a first step, and then the user can choose to explore the advanced setup later. Just my 2c.

Username: scsijon
"I came across this the other night and wonder if it may be of use to puppy? Also wondering about a non-x-server puppy, how up to date are we with T2 to make one with woof2?

Username: scsijon
" sorry, hit add comment before supplying this, it's an impressive set of commands it replaces

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