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May 05, 2013 — BarryK
I have compiled the latest 'aufs-utils' 3.0, from here:;a=summary

Compiled in Precise Puppy, with the kernel 3.2.32 source SFS loaded.

The PETs are in the 'common' repo, replacing an older PET that was compiled in Wary (28K, 1K, 26K):

Note, the source has 'Makefile' which I edited, removed "-static", then just compiled with "make".


aufs repo
Username: BarryK
Hmmm, there does seem to be some confusion on the sourceforge repositories, I just read that they are having trouble with the aufs repository. I got my source this way: [i]# git clone git:// aufsutils3 # cd aufsutils3 # git checkout origin/aufs3.0[/i] ...hope that is the latest.

aufs-util checkout
Username: pemasu
"That is how I and 01micko retrieve aufs-util. We do create aufs-util using the kernel sources of the build. I seems to have importance for sfs_load usage. The retrieving commands are ok.

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