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Debugging Radeon video

May 06, 2013 — BarryK
I wrote yesterday about debugging NVIDIA video:

I am testing the new Xorg Wizard with different video cards, getting out any wrinkles. I had tested my "black tower" with SiS video card, and "white tower" with NVIDIA video. The latter works great, the SiS not so good.

Today I got another PC out of the garage. I will refer to this as my "high tower" as it is very high, a monster, not so good on my back to lug it around.

The high-tower has a 1.6GHz Pentium 4, 512MB RAM, and ATI RV100 QY (Radeon 7000/VE) video card.

I build Precise Puppy, burnt to a CD and booted up on the high-tower. It worked right-off, using the Xorg 'radeon' driver. There is nothing to debug.

Actually, this is an interesting PC as it has on-board NVIDIA video and a ATI video card. I defaulted to using the ATI card. I haven't yet tried to use the Wizard to see if the NVIDIA video will also work.

Anyway, the latest build of Precise Puppy is looking good, and I should be able to upload a beta of 5.6 in a day or two.


" very high, a monster"

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