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Fixes: quicksetup, ppm

May 07, 2013 — BarryK
A couple of important bug fixes.

QuickSetup sometimes did not detect currently running Xorg driver. Woof commit:

The Puppy Package Manager GUI-filtering, a feature that I introduced recently, was a bit buggy. Woof commit:

In last commit, I also introduced a template for the 'kompozer' package, which is a Mozilla gecko-based WYSIWYG web page editor. Just like the Composer component of SeaMonkey.

Kompozer is in the Ubuntu repos, and if included in a Woof-build, it means that we don't need SeaMonkey, and can choose some other browser. Of course, we still have to provide mail & news application -- which Opera has.


Kompozer DEB fix
Username: BarryK
If 'kompozer' DEB is installed in a running Puppy, from Ubuntu repo, it won't start. The script /usr/bin/kompozer needs a modification, due to a conflict with SeaMonkey. Woof commit:

"still have to provide mail"
Username: Sage
"None of the browser suites have satisfactory email clients: the Opera one has attracted particular opprobrium. Serious users will always choose a stand-alone like Claws (Sylpheed branch) or EudoraOSE 1.0 (the Qualcomm gift to Mozilla). As for 'news', what sort of news do folks want? Ticker-tape or the full blast? Can't do better than for worldwide comprehensive impartial coverage - sort of internet pretender to World Service which was claimed to undermine vast swathes of despotic regimes around the globe in former times! Perhaps even present times? So, punters including YT might have to tolerate a tiny bit more 'bloat' to achieve Nirvana...

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