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Frisbee and network_tray kit 1.1

May 07, 2013 — BarryK
Rerwin, who is one of our prolific behind-the-scenes developers (and very responsive to user feedback on the Forum), has updated Frisbee wireless network manager and network_tray network tray applet, as "kit 1.1":

Hopefully I have put it all into Woof correctly.

I made one tiny change, removed those zero-byte dhcpcd hook scripts, also removed them from the Frisbee package. I didn't see the point of them, as the '' script removes them anyway -- except it will report errors as it tries to remove non-existent files.

Woof commit:

Note about 'pupdial': Woof had a later version than the one rerwin worked on. A small thing, the Mono font size changed from "12" to "10".
This is because Woof now has default xft.dpi=96.

New PETs, for armv7 also (14K, 12K, 13K):

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