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Full-HD install: devx bug

May 23, 2013 — BarryK
Forum member eps reported missing desktop drive icons for a Precise 5.6 full hard drive installation.

So, I did a test install, but my drive icons are OK.

However, I discovered something else. When I installed the 'devx' SFS file, by opening it then copying it's contents to '/', I found some scripts became broken, 'quicksetup' for example.

This is because the Precise devx has the 'dash' package, with /bin/sh a symlink to /bin/dash.
For a frugal installation, this is no problem, as the devx SFS is underneath the main Puppy SFS.
However, in a full installation there are no SFS layers, and /bin/sh is a symlink to dash, whereas it should be a symlink to bash.

dash breaks some of our scripts!

I have put a fix into Woof for this, however for anyone with the current, and earlier versions, of Precise, maybe Raring also, if you have a full-HD installation, after installing the devx SFS, do this:

# ln -snf bash /bin/sh

Woof commit:


Username: technosaurus
If the scripts don't work with sh as dash, then the shabang should be changed. Devs need to realize that sh != bash and either remove the bashisms or fix the shabang, otherwise we end up running all scripts at one third speed unnecessarily. Still dash should just be a wrapper around bash or busybox ash anyhow (must be a wrapper due to how busybox handles names) Linking sh to bash is like setting libre office as defaulttexteditor.

Re sh
Username: BarryK
"technosaurus, I thought that I had read somewhere that when bash is run via sh symlink, then it tries to behave in a "sh" way, that is, without the full bash capability. But, maybe I remember wrong.

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