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New langpacks

May 12, 2013 — BarryK
I have updated the Polish langpack, maintained by robwoj44 (Robert), and added a heap of new ones to the 'noarch' PET repo on

Here are the new ones, with the guys who are maintaining them:
Danish (da): maans
Dutch (nl): Bert
Greek (el): kounelii
Italian (it): vicmz (temporary)
Portuguese (pt): vicmz

The PETs are here:

To track what is happening with Puppy language packs, go here:

Note, if you interesting in translating Puppy to your language, please grab Precise Puppy 5.6, which will be released soon, as this has the latest of everything, including the latest MoManager (the easy GUI translation manager).

A note about the Italian translation: vicmz has done a preliminary langpack, but is looking for someone more fluent in Italian-English to take it over.

There is an introduction to translation in Puppy, via the 'Help --> HOWTO internationalization' menu, also online (but needs to be updated):


Portuguese, Italian langpacks
Username: vicmz
Quick information for anyone interested: I created the Italian and Portuguese langpacks to rise some interest among the users who speak those languages. They still believe their translations won't make it to future releases of Puppy, but that's ancient history now that Momanager is present in all official releases and even major derivatives. Perhaps the main challenge for these communities is the high knowledge of English required, for Momanager is English-only and so are the scripts they shall translate. Many of them also use Puppy in English because they are learning this language, if you are one of them, think of how happy those who don't speak English will be for being able to use Puppy in their language. I can't maintain three langpacks at the same time, but until someone offers to maintain them, I'll keep adding things as much as I can to langpack_pt and langpack_it. For each language there's one user who showed interest in developing the langpacks (SpeedyDuck for Italian and morscerta for Portuguese from Brazil), but there are no news about them sharing any pets yet. Anyone who'd like to help can learn more on the respective threads: Portuguese Italian

Dutch langpack
Username: Bert
"Just a quick note: the current Dutch langpack is version 0.1 :n_n: and really still alpha quality. I didn't envision it to be ready as an 'official' langpack. Anyhow, v.0.2 is in the making :happy:

final spurt for i18n
Username: L 18 L
"Barry, could you please add some of or all of the scripts you find in [url=]Programs and scripts that are not yet internationalized to next 5.6RC. This would make life a bit easier for all translators now. Thank you

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