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nouveau and nvidia

May 23, 2013 — BarryK
Users of Precise 5.6 have been reporting a bit of an issue after installing the proprietary NVIDIA Xorg driver.

It works ok, but the Xorg Wizard doesn't handle it very gracefully. There are a couple of problems:

The Wizard only offered nouveau, vesa and modesetting after the proprietary NVIDIA driver had been installed (under certain circumstances).

The proprietary installer offers to create /etc/modprobe.d/nvidia-installer-disable-nouveau.conf, but this can conflict with the pre-existing /etc/modprobe.d/nouveau.conf.

Number 1 is fixed, Woof commit:

Number 2 is fixed, Woof commit:

The second commit actually deletes /etc/modprobe.d/nvidia-installer-disable-nouveau.conf.

If anyone wantS to test the latest /usr/sbin/xorgwizard-cli, grab it from here (there is a download button after anonymous login):


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