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Planning Precise 5.6RC

May 16, 2013 — BarryK
Some advance notice of my intention. I will most likely build Precise Puppy 5.6RC about 24 hours from now.

I am going to do a build now and do some testing on my PCs. Apart from my laptop, I now have, after some considerable time, got three PCs out of the garage and set them up -- for testing NVIDIA, SiS and ATI Radeon video. I might setup another one or two.

There are issues of course, unresolved bugs, such as reported by szindian and aarf, however I don't have any idea what to do about those, for now anyway. I want to just about freeze things, due to the immanent RC.

I think that it was szindian who commented that most people probably use eth0 for Internet connection. I never do. I have a 3G Vodafone Pocket WiFi (local wireless router for up to 5 computers), and a 3G Optus usb stick -- I'm using the latter right now on Precise, and it works well.


zigbert and rerwin
Username: BarryK
Quick note, I updated to zigbert's latest apps, also rerwin's analog modem drivers.

eth1 for sat
Username: scsijon
"And just to be different, I have a plug-in card set as eth1 as I have satellite internet still and it's easier to move a card than have things reprogrammed over the phone if a box dies. My eth0 is for my intranet. By the way, i'd love to be able to both control individual firewalls (enable/block) and switch on/off passthrough traffic if you come across a tool other than hard coding and rebooting each time.

mhwaveedit + LADSPA
Username: don570
" Couldn't you add this version of mhwaveedit 1.4.21 that I compiled in precise to use the LADSPA plugins for sound effects?

Keep an eye on BusyBox replacement.
Username: wb7odyfred
"[b]ToyBox, [/b] Maybe a future replacement for BusyBox? Barry, would Toybox and Muscl be useful in a future PuppyLinux version? thanks for woof, bones, and your work with T2. [b]Toybox[/b] is a simple implementation of many common Linux command line utilities, together into a single binary. It aims to be small, fast, correct, and standards-compliant. Toybox should scale from tiny embedded systems up to general purpose development environments. We test using it on Android phones in place of Toolbox, and the Aboriginal Linux project is working to get a complete Linux system to rebuild itself from source code using toybox. 2012 H-Online Interview with Rob Langley Youtube ELC talk On [b]musl,[/b] the entire standard library is included in a single library file libc.a for static linking, and for dynamic linking. This significantly improves the efficiency of dynamic linking, and avoids all sorts of symbol interposition bugs that arise when you split the libraries up bugs which have plagued glibc for more than a decade. Aboriginal Linux, which uses [b]ToyBox[/b] Aboriginal Linux is a shell script that builds the smallest/simplest linux system capable of rebuilding itself from source code. This currently requires seven packages: linux, busybox, uClibc, binutils, gcc, make, and bash. The results are packaged into a system image with shell scripts to boot it under QEMU. (It works fine on real hardware too.) There are several commands left to implement for ToyBox. Maybe is you read this, you may consider helping Rob Landley. Would any of these 3 items be useful with the Raspberry PI puppy on the ARM build?

Username: scsijon
"toybox is not designed as a busybox replacement, but an additional multi-functional single file package as busybox is. It's just has additional switches for a number of executable calls. It's there to expand capabilities without the need to add individual executables as it does in aborigonal where both are in the system.

Re mhwaveedit
Username: BarryK
"don570, OK, I have put your PET into the next build of Precise.

More modem drivers
Username: BarryK
"I have grabbed the latest modem drivers from rerwin:

5.6RC coming
Username: BarryK
"That's it, I have to draw the line somewhere, as upgrading/fixing/improving is never-ending. I am building 5.6RC now. Will test it on some of my PCs before uploading, just in case. There are rather a lot of changes since beta2, more than I would have liked. But rather than create beta3, I am moving to RC with the understanding that everything is frozen, only absolutely essential bug fixes.

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