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PPM: devx deps fixes

May 11, 2013 — BarryK
It was reported on this blog yesterday that there is a problem with some dependencies. For example, if a package has 'gcc' as a dependency, it shows up as a missing dep in the PPM install-preview window.

A newcomer would then probably go ahead and install the package and all deps, but it won't create a complete compile environment. With Puppy, we have the 'devx' SFS file, that has everything, including 'gcc'.

The ppm had a bug, showed 'gcc' (etc) as a dep even when the 'devx' SFS was loaded. I fixed that.

Then, if the 'devx' is not loaded, now there is a popup window that advises to cancel the installation and install the 'devx' first -- with basic instruction to click the 'install' icon on the desktop to download and load the devx file.

Woof commits (latest on top):

These are important improvements to the PPM. Rocketing ahead, getting close to Precise 5.6beta2, just a couple more things:

Shinobar posted a fix for hostname-set, I need to investigate that.

Rerwin posted some advice about "echo -n <delay> > /etc/dhcpcd_dropwait_secs" -- I need to consider if that can be put into SNS (Simple Network Setup).

Maybe that's it. L18L did post about speeding up MoManager, but I might put that on hold. Really thinking of freezing things for now. Zigbert probably has some later packages -- I haven't visited the main forum much over the last 4-5 weeks.


Number 3
Username: BarryK
[b]3.[/b] Oh, I just remembered, if no one else has done it, I should compile the 'wl' wireless driver. Does anyone know where the source is?

Re Number 3
Username: BarryK
"I posted about wl.ko too soon! Peebee is the guy who compiles wl.ko for our kernels, and has already done it for the 3.2.44 kernel, and he will be emailing it to me, gzipped of course. Thanks for that, saves me some time.

Number 3 again
Username: BarryK
"[b]3.[/b] OK, I have just remembered what can be Number 3, there is the Polish and some other langpacks to introduce/update.

missing library files
Username: broomdodger
"Precise Puppy 5.5.92 (5.6beta1) manual frugal Thank you for no-pae I compiled vim 7.3.931, works great I used the PPM to install: openssh-server_5.9p1 ruby1.9.1 ruby1.9.1 --version 1.9.3p0 gem1.9.1 --version 1.8.11 monit -V 5.3.2 logrotate 3.7.8 redis-server --version 2.2.12 redis-cli --version 2.2.12 phantomjs --version 1.4.0 But this one returned with: File /usr/bin/phantomjs has these missing library files: I deleted phantomjs, got from PPM, then re-fetched phantomjs. It is now installed. It will be a few days before we can test the web app. Question: How do I start the ssh server, sshd ? Bill

ssh server ?
Username: broomdodger
"I installed openssh-server from PPM. How do I start the ssh server, sshd ? Bill

libqtwebkit4 version
Username: BarryK
"broomdodger, That's very interesting, as libqtwebkit4 is a dependency of phantomjs, however PPM doesn't show it as a dep. I found out why. The dep of phantomjs is: [i]+libqtwebkit4&ge2.2~2011week36[/i] Whereas the actual libqtwebkit4 package is version 2.2.1 The 'vercmp' utility is used by PPM to compare, like this: [i]if vercmp 2.2.1 ge 2.2~2011week36; then echo 'greater'; fi[/i] ...which prints nothing! The vercmp utility is confused by that "~2011week36". OK, I will see if I can work around that problem. I don't know anything about sshd.

ssh server dropbear
Username: broomdodger
"I installed dropbear, a small ssh for embedded systems. It is working. Sometime I will try openssh-server again. Bill

Number 3 again
Username: L 18 L
"Barry wrote: [i]3. Maybe that's it. L18L did post about speeding up MoManager, but I might put that on hold. [/i] That was a wise decision. That momanager was SPF (Superfast Precise False) Now the bugs are fixed same super fast speed. See please.

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