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Precise Puppy 5.5.94 (5.6RC)

May 18, 2013 — BarryK
I am maybe "pushing the envelope" a bit here, but this the Release Candidate for Precise Puppy 5.6.

Brief notes:


Some extra notes:

Have rolled back to version 2.6.7, as the 3.x series requires ffmpeg >= 0.11, whereas Ubuntu Precise Pangolin only has 0.8.x.
Needs testing.

Boot help
At first boot screen, pressing <F2> key brings up help. There is a typo in the examples, "pfix=fr" should be "pkeys=fr". Already fixed in Woof.

Analog dialup
Rerwin has put in a lot of work compiling drivers. This is shaping up to be a great pup for those still on dialup, even rivaling Wary.
Many of these drivers were not in beta2, so need testing.


Precise 5.6RC feedback
Username: BarryK
Forum thread for feedback:

mouse keyboard froze
Username: broomdodger
"precise 5594, manual frugal update from precisesave 5593 toshiba satellite laptop, core 2 duo, 1.66GHz, 2 GB ram first boot mouse and keyboard froze I have 'top' autostart in a small window and it seemed to be updating needed to hard shutdown, power key 10 seconds next boot all good Bill

Username: BarryK
"Rodney reported that it doesn't work (see Desktop menu). Yes, /usr/sbin/jwmthememaker script needs to have it's executable flags set. I have fixed the PET and updated Woof.

jwm noshade
Username: broomdodger
"I found this discussion Posted: Sun 27 Jan 2013: Suggesting that this would disable window shading, but sadly I have not found it to work. <Group> <Option>noshade</Option> </Group> Is there any way to get it to work? Bill

wait + noshade
Username: scsijon
"I'm patient enough to wait nowadays, thank you Ted Dog. broomdodger, I have answered in your thread, however for the rest, you will need to update both jwm and jwmconfig2 pets, both are in my murga-linux thread.

Old glipper
Username: BarryK
"I have just realised that I have overlooked glipper. Precise 5.6RC has '', which is, I think, an older version, also not internationalised. I was just now reminded, when I saw this thread: I know that a lot of work has been done on glipper, but awhile back I got confused which one is the latest that I should use, so I put it on the backburner, then forgot about it. Anyone know all about glipper? Can you recommend a PET, and provide link to the source? Can you also verify that that PET works in Precise 5.6RC?

Old glipper is internationalised
Username: BarryK
"Oh, I just found this: So the glipper in Precise 5.6RC is internationalised. OK, I will leave it at that for the final.

Username: L 18 L
"Sorry, not in Precise 5.5.94. Version 0.95.1 (and others, maybe Joe's tile game?) is at forum:

modesetting driver fixed
Username: BarryK
"Well, well, that took me by surprise! Earlier on, when testing the new xorgwizard-cli, it offered the 'modesetting' driver as one of the choices. However, recently, it hasn't. Odd, the Wizard gets it's info about suitable drivers from the output of "Xorg -configure". This morning, I found that "Xorg -configure" is totally ignoring the driver. A bit of testing revealed that the driver is compiled for an earlier Xorg server. Hmmm, they are all Ubuntu DEBs. However, I am building with the "precise-updates" packages, and it seems they upgraded the server but seem to have forgotten to recompile the modesetting driver. So I compiled it, now the Wizard offers it. I do hope there are no other Xorg drivers in this situation. Woof will be updated, and the driver PET uploaded soon.

update precisesave problems
Username: broomdodger
"update precisesave 5593 to 5594 I mentioned earlier that the first reboot after the initial start into 5594, both the keyboard and mouse froze. Most everything else seemed to work. But, then EACH subsequent [re]boot the desktop icons that I had previously removed came back. I would re-remove them and [re]boot, they came back again. So... I abandoned the precisesave, started fresh. All is well, actually this puppy is now my favorite. Precise is awesome. Great to have access to Ubuntu repos. Bill

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