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Precise SFSs

May 13, 2013 — BarryK
Shinobar has created many SFS files for Precise Puppy:

Great stuff, I am uploading the 'audacity-2.0.0', 'avidemux-2.5.4', 'gimp-2.8.4', 'nvidia -k3.2.44' and 'poedit-' SFSs.

A work-in-progress, to here:

These will then be offered via the 'install' icon on the desktop.


gimp in Pemasu's Wheezy
Username: don570
I compiled Gimp2.8.4 in Wheezy and dicovered that the app would run in Precise, Raring and Slacko as well, but it was substantially bigger. The opposite isn't true i.e. an app compiled in Precise won't run in Wheezy.

strippkg in Raring
Username: don570
" While compiling I noticed that strippkg was inside the Raring distro. (/usr/bin/strippkg) Wouldn't it be better placed in the devx package?

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