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Precise: slmodem drivers

May 20, 2013 — BarryK
Rerwin (Richard) has compiled the Smartlink modem driver for the 3.2.44 kernel for Precise Puppy, see Forum:

It is the "twelfth hour", as Precise 5.6RC has just been released, however I am going to squeeze this one in, as this pup is shaping up to be a "Wary replacement" in terms of support for analog (pots) modem drivers, and the slmodem driver makes it that bit more complete.

If anyone wants to test this driver, you need both of these PETs (606K, 189K):

Regarding release of 5.6-final, right now it is evening of Monday May 20 here in Perth, Western Australia. Tomorrow I intend to do a build of what will hopefully be the final, then do a heap of testing on my PCs. If all goes well, it is likely that 5.6-final will be uploaded tomorrow night.

So, there is still time left for bug reports!

Tags: puppy