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May 11, 2013 — BarryK
Now for a bit of total silliness

I just remembered something that I told my daughter a long time ago. She asked why socks disappear, what start out as a pair end up as just one sock. This is one of life's mysteries, but I told her the reason:

The Sneaky Sock Stealing Snake (most commonly known by his acronym "SSSS"), steals them, cuts the ends off, and sells them as pullovers for other snakes.

My daughter didn't believe me either.


Snake sweater
Username: BarryK
Here is the proof: [img][/img] Taken from:

Username: disciple
"Nah, that can't be it, because we don't have snakes in NZ and socks still disappear. F&P Appliances had a marketing campaign here recently, featuring a "mad professor" type. The gist of it was that even their very clever people couldn't figure out what happens to the socks that go missing in the wash, but they were giving away free pairs to make up for it :)

Puppy himself?
Username: Dewbie
"[b]BarryK wrote:[/b] [i]My daughter didn't believe me either.[/i] Do you think [b]Puppy[/b] had something to do with those missing socks? :cool:

ssss is a relaxing word
Username: dionicio
"I suppose snakes sleep a lot :)

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