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Woof plans

May 13, 2013 — BarryK
OK, I have work to do!

Feedback from Precise Puppy 5.5.93 (5.6beta2) testers has revealed that 'pupdesk.flg' needs to be done in an "invisible" way, in the initrd.

L18L has got stuck into fixing "fido":

Some PETs need to be upgraded.

A note about "fido", this is a traditional name for a dog, mostly in the USA I think. That was why I chose it, along with "spot", another dog name.

Some fido dog links:

Some spot dog links:


Username: L 18 L
Why not let spot use xwin? Nothing is impossible: [img][/img] ( had to enter fido's password multiple times, but it is possible )

woof2 addition
Username: scsijon
"I was wondering if you would consider adding the ability to set the source to the distro_compat as you have done with the pet side of things. i.e. we now have the ability to have yes|package||exe|pet:source-index/directory I'd like to also do yes|package|package-name|exe|distro:source-index/directory I'm finding that with gtk3 now spreading I need to use some in the origonal rather than updated indexes/directories and currently having to fudge it to get the right ones.

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