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xorgwizard: view xorg.conf files

May 24, 2013 — BarryK
This is a useful tweak for the new Xorg Wizard...

You can bring up a window to choose an earlier, working, xorg.conf file, which is a feature that has been requested many times. This feature already exists in Precise 5.6.

However, there was no way to see the content of those files, so you would have to remember the name of a backed-up xorg.conf that you might have created earlier. If you have created a few of them (and also the Wizard creates a backup everytime you run it), then it is confusing which one to choose.

In the window that lists the backup files and asks you to choose one, I have now added a <View> button, so any of the files can be viewed in a text editor (mp), prior to selecting one for use.

Woof commit:

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