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JWM 779 bug

June 14, 2013 — BarryK
People have been urging me to upgrade JWM.

Today I tested version 779.

OK, except when Geany text editor is open, but minimized in the tray, if I open another text file, Geany is supposed to popup, that is, restore the window from the tray. But it doesn't.

First time it happened, I thought something was broken. then I noticed that Geany was still in the tray.

JWM is not usable with that bug. I will report to Joe.

I was wondering, others using earlier versions of JWM (but later than the 574 in the official Precise pup), whether you have that bug.


Re JWM bug
Username: BarryK
Reported here:

Different screen
Username: aarf
"Geanie has opened in the original Different screen for as long as i can remember. You have to in to the original screen to see the opened file

geany bug
Username: 01micko
"confirmed in 779 However, i only just updated, was running 768, no bug, so it is very recent. Joe will know exactly what it is.

geany fix
Username: L 18 L
"Joewing wrote [b]35 minutes ago[/b] [i]I broke this when fixing an issue that occurs with the ImageMagick "display" program (in commit da207c3). It should be fixed now.[/i]

JWM 784
Username: BarryK
"What! ...already another version! I have just compiled JWM 784 in Wary, Raring, and for ARM on my Mele 1000, and made PETs. Here is one of them (75K): I'm not going to do all that again, not for awhile anyway.

Username: scsijon
"and it's broken again with 785, opening and adding the file, but not maximizing on it. So i'm not releasing it in my thread, I shall await another fix. I have added a note to your problem. Yes, joe is a 'busy boy' at the moment with JWM, i've been awaiting a 'cut-off' for his next major release, but it hasn't happened yet, he must be close.

784 seems ok
Username: BarryK
"I am using 784, so far so good.

"&" kills JWM
Username: BarryK
"Ha ha, I built a snapshot of Raring pup, thought others might like to try it, with all the latest features, even started uploading it. But then tested it on a PC, and JWM crashed. I had changed the name of the LoginManager, and /root/.jwmrc had this in one of the lines: label="Login & Security Manager" ...the "&" caused JWM to crash. I forget my HTML, what that should be. Anyway, I have changed it to "and". I will do another build of Raring later tonight.

& and &
Username: L 18 L
"[b]&[/b] could be [b]&[/b] I hope so

.desktop files
Username: K Godt
"These have to be watched out for and peter's and too . Newer jwmconfig works around some problems by disabling the jwm -p check . Some people like XP and hate Vista . Some people like Puppy 4 .

JWM 784: select window
Username: BarryK
"Oh, I have found something that I don't like in 784: With 574, I could click anywhere in a window that is behind the topmost window, and it would come to the front. Not so anymore -- now I have to click in the title-bar of the window to bring it to the front. Something else strange: If you are running Raring pup 5.6.92, you will see that the "Menu" button text is grey. It is supposed to be yellow.

Re JWM 784 select window
Username: BarryK
"Oh, that's odd, now when I try it, clicking anywhere in a window does bring it to the front. Another thing: The text-cursor was blinking in a text-entry box in a window that was not at the front. Thinking that had keyboard focus, I started typing, but text did not go into that box. Now when I am trying to reproduce that, I can't. So, I am experiencing weird transient bugs.

790 buggy
Username: scsijon
"I have found a loss of mouse control PROBLEM with the latest v790 and put a problem in joe's queue. regards

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