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pup_event_frontend fixes

June 14, 2013 — BarryK
charlie6 reported disappearing drive icons:

I have also encountered a problem. My Optus 3G USB stick is supposed to show up on the desktop as a CD drive (it doesn't have mode-switching). But is didn't.

I think it is fixed now. I found a bug in pup_event_frontend_d.bac, had to recompile for x86 and arm, and bugs in script frontend_change.

Woof commits:


pup_event_frontend fixes
Username: charlie6
Hi Barry, thanks for these fixes ! =-) here on wheezy- far so good since yesterday ! after having: -installed the latest script frontend_change + rendered it executable; -compiled the new pup_event_frontend_d.bac (vovchik smethod --> 14K size); Living with it now. best regards ! charlie

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