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Raring Puppy "5.7alpha1"

June 16, 2013 — BarryK
If anyone would like to play with a pup built with latest Woof, kernel, and based on Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) DEBs, I have uploaded a snapshot.

It is version number 5.6.92, get it from here:

Some of the new features:
1. Login and Security Manager (System menu).
2. SeaMonkey maybe faster.
3. pup_event_frontend_d, the daemon that manages desktop drive icons (amongst other things), should be faster.
4. JWM 784, Psync fixed, BaCon 2.1.7.
5. Linux kernel 3.9.5, maybe better drivers. Configured with devtmpfs, PAE-enabled, i686 CPU.
6. Also under-the-hood, udev replaced by eudev.


Happy Decade PuppyLinux

ibiblio d/l
Username: Sage
"Waiting nearly an hour for your latest masterpiece. Might be a good idea to simultaneously upload to nluug or release to one of our generous Forum members with spare capacity? And this whilst most of the US is slumbering in their little beds whilst you rest after (a big roast beef?) lunch!

eudev errors
Username: BarryK
"A note, while I think of it: eudev spits out a lot of error messages to /var/log/messages (the kernel syslog). None of these seem to be causing any serious problem. Eudev is picking up what seem to be syntax errors in some of our udev rules. Rerwin in particular might be interested in studying these, as I think I recall, some of them were in the modem rules. Another note: it is a weird situation, in Puppy we have a very very cutdown selection of udev rules -- I basically throw away all the rules that come with the udev/eudev package. ...and it makes no perceivable difference! And perhaps now, I can throw away even more, as the kernel now creates the /dev device nodes.

ffmpeg halts
Username: zigbert
"[code]# ffmpeg ffmpeg: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory[/code]

Username: zigbert
"This build includes the terrible apps Ptimer and pStopwatch. Please trash them both and consider pTiming-1.0.0 pClock-0.7.1

Username: BarryK
"I should also mention: [b]7.[/b] Kmod replaced module-init-tools.

Re ffmpeg
Username: BarryK
"zigbert, Thanks, I have added the missing packages, libopencv-core and libtbb2.

torrent and fail images
Username: aarf
"webseeded torrent and images of boot fail md5sum checked twice. copy from iso done twice.

pClock, pTiming
Username: BarryK
"zigbert, OK, done, also for Precise. The PETs were already on, however I have modified them, so that they are in the 'Personal' menu category and 'timing' sub-category. Refer: /etc/xdg/menu/hierarchy. That is: [code]pclock-0.7.1-1|pclock|0.7.1-1||Personal;timing|76K|||+gtkdialog|pClock Time tools|||| [Desktop Entry] Encoding=UTF-8 Name=pClock time tools Icon=mini-clock.xpm Comment=pClock time tools Exec=pclock Terminal=false Type=Application Categories=X-Personal-timing GenericName=pClock ptiming-1.0.0-1|ptiming|1.0.0-1||Personal;timing|124K|||+gtkdialog|event timer system|||| [Desktop Entry] Encoding=UTF-8 Name=pTiming event timer system Icon=mini-clock.xpm Comment=pTiming event timer system Exec=ptiming Terminal=false Type=Application Categories=X-Personal-timing GenericName=pTiming [/code] PETs (14K, 15K):

jwm segfaults in Raring Puppy "5.7alpha1"
Username: peebee
"Hi Barry jwm seems to be segfaulting in Raring Puppy "5.7alpha1" - both on initial boot maybe when the initial setup screen is displayed (this explains why there is a flash of desktop and then you get dropped out to the console) and then whenever sns or frisbee are run (netwiz seems to work tho). I have pm'd you /var/log/messages and dmesg output on the forum for your consideration. Cheers peebee

pTiming, pClock
Username: zigbert
"I have updated my pet.specs with 'personal,timing', so this should be ok for next release. Sigmund

Username: vicmz
"I found this version of Transmission that works better than the one in Precise 5.6.1, which is in Woof? (if so then it should be in Raring, too) For some reason, with the builtin version when I select a file by the middle of the list in a torrent, the file that gets actually checked is the first of the list. The pet in this thread is a newer version and hasn't got that bug:

Username: BarryK
"zigbert, Not 'personal,timing', 'Personal;timing'.

Re tranmission
Username: BarryK
"vicmz, I have changed the package-list, now using the official Ubuntu transmission-gtk DEB. It is version 2.77. The version currently in Raring is 2.22, that was compiled in Wary. The one in the link you provided is 2.42.

/dev bug
Username: BarryK
"There is a bug with device nodes, that won't affect users running as root. But, it will need to be fixed. This is discussion on the eudev github:

JWM crashing
Username: BarryK
"It was reported that 01micko's jwmconfig2 stops JWM from crashing: The only reason it could do that is because it has a file /etc/xdg/templates/_root_.jwmrc This file is almost the same as that in the official Raring build. Actually, 01micko's file seems to have an error... He has this line: <Desktops count="3"/> Whereas I have this line: <Desktops width="3" height="1"/> ...I think that the syntax changed with version 500, and my syntax is correct. So, I don't know how 01micko's file works at all. I will experiment some more.

Cause of JWM crash
Username: BarryK
"I think that I know the cause. I think it is those layers, which have caused me problems before. In /root/.jwmrc, comment out the "layer" line: [code] <Group> <Class>gtkdialog-splash</Class> <Option>nolist</Option> <!-- <Option>layer:above</Option> --> <Option>nofocus</Option> </Group> [/code] ... there's another line with "layer", comment that out for good measure. gtkdialog-splash is for putting up messages, like "Please wait...". Anything that calls this, is causing JWM to crash. To fix it properly, you also have to edit /etc/xdg/tamplates/_root_.jwmrc

JWM bug reported
Username: BarryK
"Crashing bug reported:

No Broadcom driver?
Username: Raffy
"Yes, happy decade, Puppy (and Barry)! Looks like Broadcom 4313 wireless driver is not there yet.

personal timing
Username: zigbert
"Yes Dad 'Personal;timing' it is :)

Raring bugs
Username: Tony
"Hi Barry, tried a test spin on my Asus M4A78LT-M LE AMD 760G Socket AM3 Integrated ATI Radeon 3000 8 Gb RAM. Boots to command prompt Ran Xorgconfig, chose radeon driver and then works fine. Pmusic player, no sound Youtube. Sound okay, full screen full frame rate unless you move mouse and then it drops to a few frames/second or less. Hope this info is of help

jwm and stuff
Username: 01micko
"> He has this line: > <Desktops count="3"/> Doesn't matter as it is covered by an <Include>, but yes, should be changed. Just installed jwm-790 into raring alpha, seems pretty good, even with layer:above You may want to update the jwm-config package to my version for a few reasons- -it's ready for jwm-2.2 (and is snapshot aware) -the 'insert program to tray' is totally re-written and works. It's been reported broken many times. -the theme changer GUI is much improved and handles multiple themes (works fine with raring's gtkdialog) -bugfix of the virtual desktops code -other tweaks, such as removing references to "root", replaced with $HOME Note, the one I have on [b]scsijon[/b]'s thread has a few themes installed so you will want to strip those out, plus reset virtual desktops in the include to how you want them. Plus change "Igucal" to "minixcal" in the template. (Text rendering as I type this post in the entry box is terrible! Other than that seamonkey seems fine.) [img][/img] Theme GUI.

RE jwmconfig2
Username: BarryK
"01micko, Thanks for that. I have made your jwmconfig2 into a PET, or rather, remade it. I took out _root_.jwmrc and .jwmrc-tray. /etc/xdg/templates/_root_.jwmrc is now in Woof. I took it out of my latest jwm PET. This makes it easier to mess around with, without having the rebuild the PET. For now, I have commented-out the "layer:" lines. I got an email for Joe that he has fixed that layer bug, but I think will leave those lines commented-out, and put a hack into 3builddistro to restore them, as appropriate for the version of JWM. fact, I'll do that right now. The other one, .jwmrc-tray, that's in the jwm PET package, and if it needs any changes, it should be fixed there.

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