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Under-the-hood changes coming

June 09, 2013 — BarryK
Developer 'blueness' has fixed the problem of device nodes not getting created in Puppy. This was the bug that prevented me from using eudev.

This is great news. Blueness has sent me instructions, one thing, a change to the kernel config is required.
I'll get stuck into this very soon. This is so good, we won't have to concern ourselves with systemd.

There is a daemon 'pup_event_frontend_d' that runs in Puppy, doing stuff like updating the desktop drive icons when drives are plugged in or removed. It is a script, and has a rather inefficient polling method.

I have reorganized it, split it into a modular form, with files residing in folder /usr/local/pup_event. The daemon is now a very small and very efficient compiled program -- written in BaCon.

It is mostly done, needs testing. After uploading Woof, I'll explain more about it.

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