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More on "Precise the next Wary"

July 08, 2013 — BarryK
I raised this possibility recently, and there has been ongoing discussion on the Forum:

Instead of slogging on with T2, which I commented earlier is akin to "flogging a dead horse", I am revisiting the idea of repositioning Precise Puppy as the next Wary/Racy.

As I see it, these things need to happen:

Become lighter, both in size and runtime resources. A less resource-hungry web browser. Recompile some apps to remove huge dependencies -- in particular, 'icu' and 'llvm'.

Simplify the Puppy Package Manager. Have it default to a window that does not show radiobuttons to select a repo, just lists packages that are tested to work. This database will be in a simple XML format that anyone can contribute to (and PETs and DEBs can be hosted anywhere). The PPM will be switchable to showing repos.

Recompile the 3.2.x kernel to support ISA and EISA buses. I have already tested the 'f2fs' patch in this kernel -- it works.
I will contact rerwin about automating the compiling of analog modem drivers.


Username: vivek
Would this affect the existence of Quirky? I was looking forward to trying Racy6, and I for one wouldn't mind an alphaish quality in a finally released version of Quirky. Somehow I find Quirky a little more friendly for the learning side, emphasizing written documentation than the forums. Just my thing though.

Username: linuxcbon
"- Browser could be chromium. - T2 is good, if all is fully automated. - PPM , propose less choice (easier to maintain).

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