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PPM for Wary

July 06, 2013 — BarryK
For the planned Wary 6.0, I am thinking of setting up the Puppy Package Manager (PPM) differently.

The repository-selection radio buttons will be removed.

Instead, there will simply be packages offered that have been tested to work, which can actually be from any repo, Slackware, Ubuntu, or whatever.

These can actually be "meta packages" that also list any deps and where to get them from.

Then it will be simple, choose a package, and install it.

Downloading from other distro's repositories overcomes the problem of hardly any packages when Wary 6 gets released.

It will be setup such that most library dependencies are actually available in the 'puppy-wary6' repository, so will always be using the same set of libraries.

Thanks to, I think it was simargl on the forum, who got me thinking about simplifying the PPM.

A small detail: I am thinking of dropping the name "Wary" and just use "Racy". There will no longer be separate Wary and Racy, and I like the latter name better.


PPM package list
Username: BarryK
There could be a single file that defines all available packages, and their dependencies. It could be something simple like this: [code]category subcategory packagename|size|description|download-url dep1|size|description|url dep2|size|description|url[/code] For example: [code]Graphic draw dia|1000K|Dia, drawing app|http:... ...whatever deps not builtin to puppy...[/code] This could be a single file, that anyone could edit. So, Racy6 testers could try out packages, edit that file, and post it to me. ...just typing as I'm thinking!

Username: BarryK
"I also propose that this package information file be in an XML format that gtkdialog can read directly, so no processing is required, the PPM window would come up virtually instantly, also switching categories will be immediate.

Savefile compatibility
Username: Terryphi
"PPM changes will be very welcome. One consequence of changing name to Racy: will compatibility be maintained with savefiles from previous versions of Wary or Racy (or both with a rename of warysave file) ? This is an important issue for those of us who add a lot of personal stuff to Wary/Racy.

Re savefile
Username: BarryK
"Yes, I intend that you could just rename it from wary*.2fs to racy*.2fs. But, that is a detail I will need to think about.

Username: aarf
""just use "Racy"." now we know what a real racy is (Raring Puppy 5.6.94 ), "Snail" might be a better name:) unless you can also release a pet or sfs that does this: " So...if someone wants to be really adventurous, just swap that stuff from Barrys Raring Puppy and delete all udev and module-init-tools stuff and try to improve it." by pemasu from just so much faster i cant see myself doing anything but minor testing for anything that doesn't have the speed of Raring Puppy 5.6.94

Username: mavrothal
"[i]now we know what a real racy is (Raring Puppy 5.6.94 )[/i] [url=]we do?...

collect messages
Username: don570
" It would be nice if the repository could collect user notes, for instance if the package worked and what distro it worked in.

woof builtin
Username: technosaurus
"I don't know if you follow the pupngo project, but we have been tediously working to provide a statically built set of basic desktop tools. Now that we have all of the basic pieces (X,jwm,rxvt,mixer,editor,browser,gtkdialog,...) fitting into a 2Mb xz-compressed initramfs, it is possible to use it as a basic building block for other distro's packages. goingnuts has kept quite a few build scripts that could be usable on various architectures (probably with some patches) The reason this is possible is that all of the tools are/can-be built into a single multicall binary (currently they are separated into C-only, tinyX11 and gtk1), so any distro's libraries can stand on their own and be constructed on the fly using a woof-like builder (it may need some busybox compatibility mods). I have started rewriting all the capabilities of woof for this purpose (for licensing reasons, not because the code is bad - I intentionally didn't read the code after I read the woof license) I am basically licensing it as permissibly as possible, so let me know if you have any requests (you can feel free to relicense it however you wish) The biggest bonus of all of this is that even if you have a full shared build from any distro, you'll always have a static built "safe mode"

Username: aarf
"@mavrothal just to get you going while i gather proper info later this is for Raring Puppy 5.6.94 ) main things i need to be fast are opera and frisbee reconnect (am on fragile wifi) and Raring Puppy 5.6.94 delivers noticeably better on these two things. see if i can better test later. going out now.

Username: Dewbie
"[b]BarryK wrote:[/b] [i]A small detail: I am thinking of dropping the name "Wary" and just use "Racy". There will no longer be separate Wary and Racy, and I like the latter name better.[/i] What about Xorg 7.3 for older hardware? Will you be dropping it, or might it be included in a Racy retro?

awk for processing pets
Username: technosaurus
"It takes less than half a sec if you use awk and pipe it into gtkdialog -s... the long sed grep cut... pipes are the bottleneck You don't even need awk ... just IFS="|" and read field1 field2 ... would speed up the scripts immensely

Re one official Puppy
Username: BarryK
"bark_bark_bark, Yes, the thought has occurred to me that perhaps it is time to rein things in, and go back to having just one official Puppy. But, it would be very premature to declare that Racy6 will be it (or even whether such a convergence will ever happen)). At this stage I'm just playing, and we will see how it plays out.

time x2
Username: aarf
"@mavrothal here is a zip of stuff both frugal installs Raring Puppy 5.6.94 is on sda6 raring- is on sdb1 hardinfo with benchmarks in both included. side by side in the gnumeric. raring- has a lot of errors and stuff when running "time" as shown in detail . it has different sfs installed with more fonts.

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