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Precise 5.6.11 (5.7beta2)

July 26, 2013 — BarryK
Similar to the beta1, except some bugs fixed, and this time the two browsers are SeaMonkey 2.19 and Opera 2.16.

Download from here:

It weighs in at 200.4MB, as I included libgstreamer and libgstreamer-plugins DEBs, as Opera needs them.
For the final, I will try and get it to about 199MB.

I expect the next build to be the Release Candidate.


above or below 200MB does not matter much.
Username: GCMartin
The functionality and the stability is why we follow. It is 2013 and the Internet stability exceeds anything we've seen in our past history. It been so long since I've had a bad connection or a bad download, that I cannot even remember it (this is signs of either [u]age[/u] or "ole-timers history"), and new kids wont know what we went thru. Thanks for what you've accomplished....Again

Precise: Osmo patched
Username: charlie6
"Hi Barry, The new compiled osmo-2.1.0-patched indeed works as expected also sound and/or task/advanced/"alternative notification command" if using an /root/.osmo data folder [b]created from that version[/b]. The notification does not work on my existing .osmo folder (created with the [u]0.2.10/0.2.8[/u] version coming with wheezy- So i might have to re-encode all my tasks in the new version (just copying the contents of tasks_entries.xml and other *.xml files does not work...!) I already noticed that with the osmo-0.2.10 version from debian-wheezy repo. :-( Charlie

torrent Precise 5.6.11
Username: aarf
" or need to use login: puppy@changed password: linux1 use transmission only

Libgstreamer not needed
Username: Terryphi
"No need to add libgstreamer and libgstreamer-plugins DEBs. Opera contains binaries of GStreamer libraries and plugins for platforms that do not natively include them. See README.gstreamer in Opera package.

Opera plugins
Username: Terryphi
"In case you do not know: Opera does not play nicely (if at all!) with gecko-mediaplayer plugins. I add the mplayerplugin-in set to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins which is in Opera's plugin path. They could be put elsewhere if the location is added to Opera's plugin path. Opera has its own plugin directory .../opera/plugins but this is not used by default. (Open opera:config and search for Plugin Path.) Please be careful making any alterations in opera:config! Other browsers need the gecko-mediaplayer plugins so they should not be removed.

Precise 5.6.11 (5.7beta2)
Username: Sage
"Very nice, everything working ootb. Far too good to be weighed down by SM?!

Two good browsers
Username: Terryphi
"All working well and pleased to see best practical choice of two browsers. Seamonkey reaches the sites that [i]occasionally[/i] Opera cannot reach. I have added the latest Firefox and Chromium and these are also working well for me. Yes, I am a browser geek! This Precise may finally tempt me away from Racy. The larger .iso is definitely worth it.

"reaches the sites that occasionally Opera cannot reach. "
Username: Sage
"I tend to avoid [i]those[/i] sites, nudge, nudge... Notwithstanding, if we can persuade [i]el maestro[/i], this would be a great opportunity to offer a mini version that he sometimes thinks about.

It's huge
Username: Iguleder
"200 MB is simply huge. The SLAX and Porteus guys have KDE 4 and many applications in that size. Puppy has more applications, but the extra functionality (e.g a partition editor) isn't very useful for the average user. Without some killer feature or a technological advantage (for example, a lightweight desktop on top of Wayland), I don't see how Puppy can keep up with the competition.

re It's huge
Username: bark_bark_bark
"Wayland is still not that mature, and a large amount distributions don't use it. Also with Wayland there is alack of hardware support. X.Org is still the standard that will be here for a long time. I would like to see a "Official" system recovery pup that has commonly used utilities (GParted, Clonezilla, ClamAV, shred, etc.)

Slack based puppy
Username: pemasu
"Testing now Slacko, iso 164 Mb. I have f2fs usb [b]full installation[/b] in 4 Gb usb stick. I got diskless laptop as free: Real monster. Works quite good with this [b]full[/b] usb stick installation. F2fs usb full install is quite experimental, but seems to work in this oldish laptop. Just for reference when Slax and Porteus where mentioned.

Re half menu
Username: BarryK
"adi, What application are you using? In general, if any window is too big for the screen, you hold down the ALT key and drag the window.

Running well
Username: GCMartin
"Thanks Barry. This iteration has been tested via Live Media (RAM) operations with save-sessions to Live media. Performance is [b][u]GREAT[/u][/b]. Stable, flexible, and seemingly very well planned in subsystem changes in this release and the combinations of products you include. It was tested on the 6 32bit PCs and 2 64bit lappies. A great combination for any new/experienced 32bit PC user. Thanks again for what you're doing.

A very good Puppy
Username: Kafshiel
"Tested on a Atom N455 Pineview @ 1.66 Ghz 1 Gb Ram. Works perfectly and X hasn't crashed even after installing new cursor themes (by the way they're cool and if you want they're already as PET just click to install: ) Took me just 30 minutes to full customization. The webcam manager won't work but then again it never did... This is an Acer Aspire One 260 which has this Chicony camera and Puppy never managed to work with this although Ubuntu has no problem using it, so in Puppy i have to use Chrome and cloud based software to use my webcam, but the rest works without bugs. (sure i got rid of the default browsers because i don't really like them, and with a netbook you can use Google Docs instead of Abiword but these are personal preferences and the default software is good) I haven't tested what was probably my strongest wish in Puppy and that is the save file limit of 1.80 Gb... The previous stable Puppy screwed a 4 Gb pendrive file system when instructed to save to more than 1.792 Mb and that was the maximum limit before problems arised but in this next week i'll be testing that. I will also test in a different more modern system and will then post my results. Also as a small wish you should know that Lisbon (PT) time is always 1 hour greater than what you have by default (and yes you have lots of portuguese fans) For now i'm very happy and must say this is an excellent Puppy! Congratulations and many thanks!

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