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Precise: GParted updated and smaller

July 09, 2013 — BarryK
One thing that has always been a problem for us, wanting to have the smallest possible .iso file, is that GParted uses the gtkmm libraries.

Normally, it is the only application that does. The gtkmm libs are an Object Orientation layer on top of the normal gtk libs, but they are about as big again as the libs they sit on top of.

What we have done in earlier pups, such as Wary/Racy, is link GParted statically with the gtkmm libs, which eliminates the gtkmm libs at runtime. Typically the total size of GParted and gtkmm libs is about twice that of the statically-linked GParted.
So, it is a worthwhile saving, probably knocking about 1.5MB off the .iso file.

Precise pup up until now, has the shared gtkmm libs, but I have just compiled the latest GParted, version 0.16.1 (amongst other improvements, it supports exfat and f2fs) linked statically with gtkmm.
What stopped me from doing this previously is Ubuntu does not provide the static gtkmm libraries.

However, I have compiled all of these as static libs. Look for gtkmm, glibmm, pangomm, cairomm and libgnomecanvasmm here:

I also updated parted (253K):

And here is gparted (1.3M):

Both parted and gparted need to be installed in Precise Puppy, nothing else.


GParted's "Attempt Data Rescue" Feature
Username: GCMartin
For several releases of GParted, the "Attempt Data Rescue" facility has been a feature of GParted. I think its benefit is understood. But, i think its an oversight that PUPs continue to ship missing any GParted feature. Could it be insured that the complete GParted is available in PUPs without missing its features? Thanks in advance for your consideration

libjasper needed?
Username: don570
" Does the Seamonkey email program need to use libjasper? I remember you saying that an email program needed libjasper. If you could dump libjasper then mtpaint could be compiled without the libjasper dependency.

Dpup Wheezy is 155mb
Username: ozsouth
"Dpup Wheezy is 155mb, using the latest Debian, without Ubuntu's shenanigans. Impressive!

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