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Precise: mtPaint, Xsane fixes

July 24, 2013 — BarryK
It was reported on the Forum that the screen snapshot feature (see Graphic menu category) of mtPaint is missing. Yes, I accidentally left the '' script out of the PET.

I found that Xsane is missing and I have created symlinks in the libgphoto2 PET, also fixed the template in Woof.

The mtpaint and libgphoto2 PETs have been re-uploaded to 'puppy-precise' repo on ibiblio, names unchanged:


Precise: Osmo patched
Username: charlie6
Hi Barry, i got compiled osmo-0.2.10-patched_96dpi_version_libnotify.tar.gz in wheezy (all needed deps checked OK). I have no sound notification. Running from console reports: [code]sh-3.00# osmo ** (osmo:8924): WARNING **: Failed to send notification ** (osmo:8924): WARNING **: Failed to send notification ^C sh-3.00# osmo --help OSMO v0.2.10 (@genda personnel) Copyright (c) 2007-2008 Tomasz Maka <> [/code] Does the precise compiled version give sound notification? Cheers, charlie

Re Osmo
Username: BarryK
"charlie, I don't get that error message when I start osmo in a terminal.

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