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Precise: remove i686 video libs

July 10, 2013 — BarryK
Forum member linuxcbon discovered that there are duplicate video library files in /usr/lib/i686.

These are for ffmpeg and x264, and the libraries also exist at /usr/lib.

The duplicate libraries will give slightly better performance with a i686-class of CPU, however, as I am now targeting smaller size for Precise, I created a package 'zz_remove_i686_libs', whose sole purpose is to delete those duplicate libs.

This knocks about 10MB off, uncompressed.


Cutting down kernel
Username: Tony
Hi Barry, please excuse me if this is a dumb idea but if you want minimal size when running could the following ideas work? On first run a script determine what drivers (like video drivers) are needed and creates a separate file with just these in that gets loaded next time. If on each boot or plugin the system detects new hardware then an update drivers files script could be run and a updated replacement file created for next reboot. Also with program files, what if on first run people could choose what they actually wanted and a special file created just for those programs. This mini pup of a specific setup could be built from these two files plus the usual ones and should use less RAM? Thanks for listening to my ramblings. Tony

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