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Ubuntu Edge ordered

July 25, 2013 — BarryK
Well, we don't know whether the 32 million dollars target will be reached, but I have put in my order.
For those who don't know what this is about, read my earlier blog post:

I pledged $675 plus $30 postage, and as the Australian Dollar has slipped a bit below parity with the US Dollar, I paid AU$796.79.

I had to wait until my debit card got verified with PayPal, then was able to draw on it.

I would like to thank people who have donated recently. I think that they must have been reading my blog, because there has been a sudden upsurge of donations. I haven't previously published the exact donation record, but I would like to be open about what comes in and goes out. Here is the recent record:

24 AU$96.30 (R Erwin)
24 AU$20 (D Goldstein)
24 AU$25 (J Webster)
21 AU$10.60 (N Bodley)
10 AU$12.93 (A Kroes)
06 AU$20 (A Wilcox)

20 AU$96.30 (lightmob llc)
19 AU$23.85 (A Plazniak)
14 AU$48.00 (W Allen)
10 AU$9.36 (W Hall)

31 AU$4.53 (T Nicholson)
25 AU$48.50 (A Hall)
01 AU$19.02 (D Bruehl)

Money that I have spent from the PayPal account, in June and July:
AU$796.79 for Ubuntu Edge
AU$27.35 tiny motherboard for AEOMA-68 A20 card.
AU$150.80 AEOMA-68 A20 card.

The EOMA-68 A20 card has been shipped. I will report on experiences with it on my blog. I do of course hope to get Puppy running on it, but I purchased it mostly just to offer some support to the project. It's a pre-production run, and only about 20 of us stepped forward to order one.

I still really don't know if the EAOMA-68 pluggable CPU card concept has any future, but for now I am offering some support for the initiative.

Ubuntu Edge
I already mentioned in a previous blog post, that I reckon this initiative well deserves to reach the target, simply because of the price for such high-spec hardware. For example, a Samsung Galaxy S4 unlocked outright purchase is available in a local store for AU$769.

In addition, the Edge would be an open design, designed to be hackable, and will come with Android, so even if you decide not to use Ubuntu Touch, you still have a high-spec Android phone.

...just my thoughts.



Edge charts
Username: BarryK
"Ha ha, there are a couple of sites with prediction graphs:

Test post
Username: pakt
"'pakt' has registered.

Edge target
Username: BarryK
"It is looking like they will not reach the target. My original estimate of $10 to $15 million is looking more like it, though it might get higher. I think that the strategy of ramping up the price from $600 in quite big steps, was a bad decision. It is currently at $775, which is a tad too high, I think. Probably many people got annoyed when they didn't see the offer on the first day, so missed the $600 offer. Then, I, like many others, had to wait a couple more days for my credit card to get verified with PayPal. I just made it into the $675 offer. I think that they should have ramped it up much more slowly, also in smaller steps. If it was still under $700, I think there would be many more people willing to commit. Just my thoughts. But then, you never know. Good publicity could result in suddenly a fresh batch of punters coming on-board.

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