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Woof: Opera support

July 24, 2013 — BarryK

delayedrun: support opera as second browser

add support to run opera web browser as user spot


firefox as spot
Username: 01micko
Hi Barry A gent emailed me complaining about "running as spot". Anyway no big deal, I mailed him back asking him to read the documents and that this is still early days and if he has more complaints make them public on the forum. It was a very simple matter to turn on running firefox as spot, just added firefox=true to /root/.spot-status, and ran the loginmanager (like it says in the red message). Works just fine too, you might want to add it to woof, but.. Slackware installs firefox in /usr/lib/firefox-17.08 (or whatever version number), so you would have to test with a wild card. BTW, I don't use a default profile so no need to add a special function, generic_func does the job, even as /usr/bin/firefox is a symlink to /usr/lib/firefox-17.08/firefox. Thanks!!!

Tags: woof