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Woof: update desktop drive icons

July 22, 2013 — BarryK
01micko reported that upon exit from Gparted, having changed one or more partitions, the desktop drive icons no longer update.

This functionality got lost when I moved from the big /sbin/pup_event_frontend_d script daemon to a small compiled binary.

The technique used to involve creating a file, and the daemon checked every couple of seconds to see if that file exists.
I want to move away from polling techniques like this, as they are inefficient.

The new daemon reads kernel hotplug events (also known as uevents). Now, all that has to be done is this, to cause the desktop drive icons to update (using sdb as the example):

echo change > /sys/block/sdb/uevent

The script /usr/local/pup_event/frontend_change has been modified to handle this.
The scripts /usr/sbin/gparted_shell, bootflash, and puppyinstaller have been modified to use the new method.

Woof commit:

I have also updated the gparted PETs in the 'common', 'precise' and 'armv7' repos at

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