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Lavabit closes

August 16, 2013 — BarryK
This is sad:

The article states that the email service has closed down, rather than comply with the USA Government court order to feed client personal emails to them.


Is Obama the new Uncle Tom
Username: cthisbear
Lavabit here """"" Uncle Tom Obama?? " Uncle Tom is a term used by black people to try to convince other black people that working, education, living well, and setting a good example for their children is selling out. Chris

Like cattle
Username: FeodorF
" We are like cattle to them. Cattle ain't brainless. But ...

Username: Terryphi
"It is not a perfect solution but if you are paranoid take a look at Enigmail: [i][/i] Of course, if you send encrypted mail someone may think you are up to something and worth watching!

email provider closes
Username: GCMartin
"There is still one major problem with the decision of the owners. They are/were a US based company. Companies based in other countries are NOT required to follow/abhere to US requests on this sort. Maybe time to look at other email service locations for protections in private information. Other options are available.

Read between the lines
Username: Dewbie
"From Lavabit's home page: [i]I would _strongly_ recommend against anyone trusting their private data to a [b]company with physical ties[/b] to the United States.[/i] This likely includes non-U.S.-based companies with operations in the U.S.

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