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Linux versus OSX versus Windows

August 13, 2013 — BarryK
Recently I was reading a couple of reviews of the iPad Mini, which has the iOS operating system (which is based on the desktop OS-X OS), in which usability was compared with the Nexus-7 and other Android-based 7-inch tablets. What really stood out from those comparisons was the words "faster" and "just works" (or similar) throughout the texts.

The iPad Mini has inferior CPU, less RAM, yet apps are much more "snappy" than the Nexus-7.

On the otherhand, Windows... whenever I have had cause to use Windows, I couldn't get away from it fast enough.

Which leads me to thinking more about the merits/demerits of OS-X (and iOS), Windows, Linux, Android, etc.

Here an article about why Linux is "not ready for the desktop":

Quoting from that article:

If you get an impression that Linux sucks - you are largely wrong. If I had to create a list of Windows problems, it would be almost as long as this one. Intrinsic Windows problems are almost impossible to fix unless Microsoft starts from scratch. Linux problems are indeed approachable.



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