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Precise 5.7.1 test

August 02, 2013 — BarryK
I have uploaded the "modern" build, with 3.9.11 kernel. This is for testing, if anyone wants to give it a quick sanity-check, before I release it officially.

Gnome-mplayer menus are still troublesome, you may still need to set something in the Preferences -- even though it now defaults to 'x11' or 'xv' as appropriate, I still had to open and close the Preferences for the menus to work properly!!! Pidgin still, apparently, cannot login to Facebook and Gmail.

However, there are urgent bug fixes in 5.7.1, that cannot wait, I need to release it.


I will build 5.7.1 "retro" tonight and upload it.


571 Test

5.7.1 test
Username: Sage
"There have been lots of new problems. First run - the Quickset panel failed to resolve its text. Second run - Xorg failed to start until xwin typed. Finally got there, but "woof, woof" , network and sound switched off - guess these are just to save you annoyance during build? Connect to internet non-functioning by any of the usual methods. Retrovol was blank. Will test on other machines to eliminate local issues; regular tesbed can occasionally wobble. XP2800/512/Radeon9200

Username: Sage
"Also no drive icons were showing. Available machine: nV 754/3000+/1G/nV - everything working as expected. Above testbed has been overworked recently, so overdue for an overhaul!

Username: BarryK
"Sage, Did you do an md5sum? You probably have a bad download, as I deleted the .iso file off the server. I discovered a really stupid bug that I had introduced at the 12th hour. I have fixed the bug and re-uploaded precise-5.7.1-retro.iso. I will upload precise-5.7.1.iso (the "modern" flavour) later.

Re the bug
Username: BarryK
"Perhaps I should continue this tomorrow, as I am fatigued. That is how the stupid bug happened, wasn't concentrating. Regarding the other bug, the non-US keyboard layout. I fixed it by using the Ubuntu DEBs from Precise 5.6.1. I still do not know exactly which DEB causes the bug. I do know that when I built Precise 5.6.5, the bug is there, so I will have to do a 'diff' on the DEB packages. Tomorrow.

re d/l
Username: broomdodger
"sage wrote: "it was my overworked testing station" Hi Sage How does a computer get overworked? Heat? Swap files? Bill

pup_event in momanager
Username: L 18 L
"There have been 3 files frontend_change, frontend_startup and frontend_timeout containing [i]export TEXTDOMAIN=pup_event_frontend_d[/i] and no gettext command inside them. There was no success with momanager. I have fixed this situation by: - deleting the 3 lines export TEXTDOMAIN=pup_event_frontend_d export OUTPUT_CHARSET=UTF-8 . in these 3 files - and adding them into frontend_funcs where gettext is occuring. chmod +x frontend_funcs ... and momanager could do its job.

board fatigue
Username: Sage
""How does a computer get overworked? Heat? Swap files?" Presume this is a jest rather than you're not an HW freak! For the record:- - endless cable, mem, cpu, HSF, k/b. mo., PSU and drives swapping for example can lead to all sorts of problems like bad connections, worn connections, splayed Molex sockets, etc., as well as overheating. Those engaged in breadboard testing will understand! And then there's bad caps which are still very much in evidence.

board fatigue
Username: broomdodger
"No jest. I did not know what kind of testing you do. I mostly have laptops, so no endless... swapping of HW parts. I test on about 10 old laptops, so a power cord is the only HW swap. Oh, bad caps, I have had several. Did not feel like replacing, now those are recycled. Thank you, Bill

Test Pecise-5.7.1: non-US keyboard layout
Username: charlie6
"Hi Barry, tested OK after QuickSetup-first setting to be-latin1 (= belgian azerty) keymap. Tons of thanks! charlie

Username: FeodorF
"Could you please add: to the list of loadable SFS-files for Puppy Precise 5.7.1 ? I have tested it yesterday with kernel version 3.9.11 (i686) in 'frugal' mode.

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