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Run Firefox as 'spot'

August 21, 2013 — BarryK
I have added the option in the Login and Security Manager to run Firefox as user 'spot'.

Woof commit:


Firefox as spot
Username: BarryK

Browser as SPOT (on and off)
Username: GCMartin
"The FirstRUN Personalizaton that occurs at desktop initial start has an option to Run Internet Apps as Spot. [b]Question[/b] Understanding that this turns [b][u]ON[/u][/b] system features to support Spot, if I re-enter FirstRUN and uncheck the box, will FirstRUN undo the prior setup? (that is, "Will it turn OFF the features allowing Root to dominate?") I am wondering if FirstRUN can be used a toggle for this system feature. FirstRUN is a great simple to understand tool for new users. Everyone I have had use Puppy from CD/DVD boot understand this without any assistance. Thanks

QuickSetup and spot
Username: BarryK
"Ticking the checkbox does not turn on Internet apps to run as spot, it only causes the Login & Security Manager to run, which can then be used to turn on or turn off apps running as spot.

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