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Ubuntu Edge price drop

August 11, 2013 — BarryK
They have dropped the price to $695, at which it will stay for the rest of the campaign (only 11 days left):

Unfortunately, unless a miracle occurs, they have left it too late. I have been critical of their strategy, ramping up the price too fast, and too much.

The miracle would be if there are about thirty thousand (yes, 30,000!) people out there who earlier declined, and for whom this new lower price will suddenly convince them to buy-in.

There has been one corporate backer buying-in at $80,000. if there are many more of those, perhaps who have been waiting, to build the drama, that could help. They will now receive 115 phones for their $80,000, which is a good deal.


unknown /dev/EDGE
Username: K Godt
Only insider know of this event . Just some vague not frequently visited page does not attract much . The campaign would need to be advertised for some month in at least PC magazines so that people remember it . Money definitively should be there , but people just don't know that the Edge exists . It is also uncommon to try to collect money first . Common would be, Shuttleworth borrows the 32 millions from a bank, and launches it that way .

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