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Ubuntu Phone did not reach target

August 22, 2013 — BarryK
At zero hours left, they reach US$12,809,906:

Which is in itself an impressive figure, but of course no where near the very ambitious target.

I am extremely curious to know if there is going to be a "Plan B". I think that Mr Shuttleworth has a personal passion to have such a "superphone", so perhaps something very interesting might still happen.

...I was thinking along the lines of one of the major phone manufacturers doing a "special production run" of their top-of-the-range phone, or one that they have in-the-works for future release. With all of us guys who put up our money getting first option to acquire it.

...just wild speculation!


Ubuntu phone
Username: GCMartin
The project has good merit for uses. Fingers crossed ...

Android phone watch on kickstarter
Username: Tony
"Saw this on Android watch phone on kickstarter. 512 RAM, 4gb with upto 32gb microsd. GPS, Bluetooth 4, 5mp camera, wireless bgn, android 4.2. Dual core 1.3ghz. They have raised twice their goal in under 2 days! Developers version rooted for $200 plus $15 shipping.

Where it's at
Username: Sage
"Love 'em or hate 'em, Ladislav's daily PHR can point to trends and interests, albeit transient, possibly fickle, in many cases. The appearance of LXLE at No.2 in yesterday's and today's 7-day list tells a particular story. DW visitors are almost as interested in getting their old technology functional with 'familiar' DEs as they are getting Mint onto their million-core, terabyte-loaded go-faster-striped HW. That's also why Puppy bubbles up the list with every new release. Others come and go much more quickly. The annual DW PHR probably provides a more reliable list to the enduring distro s, again, like Puppy. K.I.S.S., low-resourced, intuitive and land-fill avoiding offerings seem likely to continue to gain attention, not to say affection amongst the diverse communities of PC users. Following today's survey pointing to the enduring strength of raw, live TV over the rash of novelties in the pocket suggests the PC of (almost) any age, also has plenty of mileage remaining. Running with the pack may be exciting to the gurus, marketing moguls and wannabe s but, as we constantly see on the Forum, there are still plenty of references back to eg Wary, and to reversions to earlier file releases (cf. stalwart 'Billtoo' yesterday, VLC/Slacko). Other views also encompassed!

Ubuntu Edge - Hands on
Username: GCMartin
"[url=][b]Over a week old, but a User impression[/b][/url] FYI

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