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Urxvtset 0.5.1

August 04, 2013 — BarryK
Forum member 'cygnus_odile' reported a bug in Precise 5.7, that I fixed before releasing 5.7.1, however cygnus_odile reported that it is still not fixed:

But I did fix it! So, I hunted around, and found that '' replaces the file /root/.Xdefaults that already exists in Puppy.

The Forum thread for Urxvtset is here:

I do get pissed off when a developer does this, though I should have picked it up when I reviewed the PET prior to admitting it to

I have removed the .Xdefaults file from the PET, and created a post-install script. The new PET is now version 0.5.1, uploaded here:


Unexpected files
Username: K Godt
Wed 31 Aug 2011, 06:39 Had been the date of last post . I don't use it, since I use sakura by default . I remember that a by shinobar once also was packed with /root/.jwm/* files , overwriting my adjustments . An easy way to examine .pet is to integrate a third button into the confirmation Xdialog(?) if to install or cancel . A cutting edge approach (with bugs) by me for it can be found here for interested ones: File is (tar.bz2)/usr/local/petget/petget (Thread : Add support for other compressions than gzip for dotPets)

Username: mavrothal
"Jamimah had introduced a clobber_check function in the of Saluki. [code]clobber_check(){ FILELIST="`cat /root/.packages/${DLPKG_NAME}.files`" rm /tmp/petget-fileclobber for FILE in $FILELIST ; do FILE="/`echo $FILE|cut -d/ -f2-`" [[ "$FILE" =~ "/root/.packages/.*" ]] && continue [ -f "$FILE" ] && echo "$FILE" >> /tmp/petget-fileclobber done if [ -s /tmp/petget-fileclobber ] ; then # checks and warnings here fi rm /tmp/petget-fileclobber 2>/dev/null return 0 }[/code] Given the "diversity" of pet packages and packagers might not be a bad idea.

Re p**sed off
Username: BarryK
"I really should not have used that word ...I will end up like Linus :cry: Maybe "slightly miffed" would be a better description. Ha ha, non-English speakers will probably need an explanation of "miffed". It is a slang word, I don't know where it originated, nor how widely it is used in English-speaking countries. Essentially, it means "displeased", or "peeved", but I think it it is used when you are only mildly displeased.

re miffed
Username: 01micko
"Haha! I know I am a culprit with that jwmconfig push a few months back! But you get me back all the time with unexpected thins in woof (from a slacko perspective) :n_n: ...and a new Slacko-5.6 will be ready for release in a week or so, just FYI.

Username: L 18 L
"Very much pleased to learn one "new" word from time to time! Example Sentences Including 'miffed' ... [i]Sometimes you have to wait for the context to find out whether it is you or the dog he is miffed at.[/i] Thus I am thinking now it is not me but just the dog. BTW, /root/.Xdefaults[b].back[/b] is also needing the fix [code]sed -i '/ $//' $HOME/.Xdefaults*[/code] and it hes been internationalized at: ----- pdict internationalized by robwoj44

expression therapy
Username: pemasu
"p****d and miffed. Taking finnish in use when you dont find heavy enough english arguments. I could help there if need be. Anyway....there is no reason to be afraid. There is still miles to go. If blog keeper starts to think was I too harsh, just take a look at this quote page. The finnish words I found there, are absolutely harsh. I believe the used english wasnt the least offending too.

Re Finnish swearing
Username: BarryK
"I googled the Finnish words in that link ...yes, strong.

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