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5-pin MHL to HDMI cable

September 26, 2013 — BarryK
I have ordered one of these:

I searched 5-6 shops this morning, no one sells this, so I ordered it online. Curiously, the company is based in Perth (where I am).

I know that some TVs support NFC, for wireless display from the smartphone, but not my TV.

Notice, it has a micro-USB socket so the phone can be charged at the same time. I am extremely curious about what kind of usability experience this is going to be, along with a Bluetooth keyboard.


Username: cthisbear
My son has a Samsung phone and uses a cable, smaller... and bluetooth mini keyboard for movies.. Even uses Teamviewer to port video across between PC and phone. I can't be bothered myself...a cheapie old Nokia with a torch is my standby. Chris

TV display
Username: BarryK
"Correction, wireless output to a TV requires a "DLNA-capable BRAVIA TV", not NFC. As I understand it, NFC is just for sharing files and messages.

Test post
Username: rarsa
"Test post by 'rarsa'.

Gtkdialog Tutorial Manual
Username: don570
" Finally a proper Gtkdialog manual

Username: aarf
"mirrored at (perhaps speak with russoodle yourself?)

USB Teathering
Username: Larry Henry
"I use "Straight Talk" so called "Unlimited Plan" and when i tethered my PC to my cell using PdaNet (for Windows) they blocked me from online access calls and texts picture transmissions either. I had to wipe Puppy and go back to Windows-XP to do this. Back to Lupu 5.2.8 now and using my roomies Internet. I like Puppy over Windows (any version) any day. Great Work Barry & the Team! Larry

First post
Username: stemsee
"'stemsee' has registered.

Post from stemsee
Username: stemsee
"I have used many distros and I am fascinated with booting toram and ramdisks etc... these are my comments and queries as I am trying to remaster a puppy 'ArtistX' type distro for big ram machines, 4GB+. I am familiar with compiling packages and I have written my own ramdisk script which holds contents thru xrestarts, starts at boot and scripts to save and load at poweroff and boot respectively, really persistent and reliable. 1) How much time would you expect it to take to load a 2gb .sfs remastered pup5.7.1 to ram, core i3 8gb ram laptop? 2) Using system monitor the load page shows that only 0.08MB of 8GB ram used! df -h shows tmpfs 2GB ... if it isn't showing used ram then is it using HD space...Where is the 2gb sfs file after boot? 3) Touchscreen tablet, 2 point touch, but only one point active, after adjusting mouse sensitivty, acceleration and threshold to 1.0 results in reasonbale functionality. But needs some absolute calibration. How to create rightclick emulation? 4) Running xfce, kde, lxde, jwm, and openbox just fine, xbmc is great too. But switching is a little bit unreliable.... need more info on 'xwin kde' or 'xwin startkde ...xfce etc. Puppy linux 5.7.1 is great, what's planned for the future? Thanks for all your hard work.

Maintenance mode
Username: BarryK
"stemsee, please see my recent blog post, Woof and Puppy, at least from my side, now in "maintenance mode". I might bring out a Precise Pup 5.7.2 sometime. For all usage questions, please post at the Puppy Forum,

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