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Another holiday in Melbourne

September 03, 2013 — BarryK
I am "on holiday" in sunny Melbourne -- yep, nice sunny spring day today, not sure what temperature, feels around 25 degrees celsius.

Not doing anything Puppy-related for awhile!


on holiday
Username: FeodorF
Have a nice holiday! Are you sure about your statement: 'Not doing anything Puppy-related for awhile!' Regards Feodor

Time off
Username: GCMartin
"Hoping to visit land the "Down Under" this Australian summer. [url=]Enjoy your time off. Peace be with you.

Re Linux Party
Username: BarryK
"Yes, what a joke! For those not involved in the Australian Federal elections, the above link explains a bit about the farcical situation. We have one guy who only got 0.5% of the votes, yet due to flow of preferences, got elected -- he has gone from being unemployed to on a salary of well over $100,000 -- and with no policies other than something vague about promoting motor vehicles.

Username: 01micko
"And that's the truth! Barry, maybe you should contact Clive for a kick back? I reckon he could afford it.. and he would be in a reasonably jubilant mood with 2 senate seats, Qld and [url=]Tas as well as his own in the lower house.

Learn new every day: Gerry Salamander
Username: K Godt
"[quote]Gerrymandering has not typically been a problem in the Australian electoral system largely because drawing of electoral boundaries has typically been done by non-partisan bodies such as the Australian Electoral Commission. Malapportionment, however ... [/quote] [b][ -f /usr/local/bin/agenda_chk ] && agenda_chk &[/b] What's this by the way ?

Re: what's this agenda_chk
Username: K Godt
"[quote]# ls /usr/local/bin/agenda_chk ls: cannot access /usr/local/bin/agenda_chk: No such file or directory[/quote] :happy: Google gave me which is a [b]wish[/b] script .. Others are [quote]From 141c0bb4a0f86ca50ff2a74c15f7e5c3cb8fea0d Mon Sep 17 ...;a...;h...‎Diese Seite übersetzen -#rxvt & -if [ -e /tmp/videomode ];then #testing a video mode - video-wizard & -fi -[ -f /usr/local/bin/agenda_chk ] && agenda_chk & - -#v1.0.7 set by xrandrshell, ...[/quote] alike Cheers !! [b]And good recovering while on holiday !![/b]

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