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Mime handling .ts video files

October 14, 2013 — BarryK
This was requested some time ago.

Files with extension .ts are video files, that can be played by the multimedia player.

There is another type of file that also has extension .ts, but we are unlikely to encounter that, as explained here:

Woof commit:

My TV has a USB socket, and will record to a Flash drive. The files get recorded with .ts extension.
Now, I can plug the Flash drive into my laptop, and Puppy displays the files with the "video" icon, and plays them when clicked on.


while on mime..
Username: 01micko
Since Slacko 5.3.3 I have added a mime icon for the pupsave. FatDog has it's own for a save too. [img][/img] That's the one I use, 1.6k.. a little bigger than the application-x-font.png image which it sits near in /usr/local/apps/ROX-Filer/ROX/MIME. So.. if your in the mood to commit... :n_n:

Icon for pup-save file
Username: BarryK
"01micko, Ok, done:

Lenova android lasptop
Username: don570
" Lenova will soon have an ANdroid lasptop using Android 4.2 The manual

lenova Android laptop
Username: don570
" [img][/img]

Chromebook $279
Username: don570
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android-4.3 $0
Username: L 18 L
"Emulation of android-[b]4.3[/b] on [b]x86[/b] Live or installation easy (as with Puppy) Can be navigated also by keyboard and mouse. Discussion at:

Dell venue Android
Username: don570
"The Dell Venue 7 and 8 tablets are conveniently compact, yet still deliver stunning HD wide-angle viewing so others can watch. You’ll enjoy tons of other fantastic features like mobile broadband and Intel® Atom™ processors delivering extraordinary battery life and lightning-fast web browsing. Choose from a 7" or 8" HD screen with both front and back cameras. Dell Venue 7 Dell Venue 8 Processor Intel® Atom (Dual Core) Intel® Atom (Dual Core) Operating System Android Jellybean 4.2 Android Jellybean 4.2 Screen Size 7" 8" Display 1280x800 1280x800 Memory 2GB 2GB 2GB 2GB Hard Drive 16GB 16GB or 32GB Camera Resolution (Front/Back) Integrated VGA | 3MP 2MP | 3MP Color Option Black Black or Red

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