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"About Barry Kauler"

November 01, 2013 — BarryK
My personal "About" page was last updated in 2010. Many things have happened since then!



Missing your posts

Username: aarf
"you still have to come and talk to us. what about that other thing a while back where you were going to have an off topic discussion blog for your ideas and thoughts, still would like to see that happen.

return of incomunicado
Username: aarf
"first puppy, now the screws are turning, extinguishing the last bastions of freedom one by one. perhaps i'll just go back to a life without a computer and internet at all that i lead not so long ago. seems about the only choice left.

Raspberry pi monitor
Username: don570
" 9 inch monitor and interface board announced for raspberry pi $119 US

HP chromebook yanked
Username: don570
" JUST IN: Google, HP yank Chromebook 11 from sale over reports of chargers overheating

Username: 01micko
"Hi Barry, Mavrothal started a woof-CE repo on [url=]GitHub I just started a mailing list at [url=]nabble Long live woof!

God Old Barry
Username: dionicio
"I always have found beauty in the desert. Specially Australian Desert... Maybe some day, maybe some life.

Re incommunicado
Username: BarryK
"I have been very busy with other stuff, have also got a part-time job. But, I do intend to be a bit more interactive soon. Yes, I am planning a more general news blog. I tested SJPPLOG toward that end, see latest blog post.

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