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November 21, 2013 — BarryK
I have been testing sc0ttman's SJPPLOG, which is a derivative of PPLOG, with many enhancements.

SJPPLOG Forum pages:

I installed version 1.6 at my site (hosted by Hostgator), and it works, however there is a disconcerting flicker when rendering -- first the page renders without the stylesheet being applied, then it flips to a view with stylesheet applied.

Whenever I refresh the window or go to a new page in the blog, I get this flipping effect.

So, I tried SJPPLOG 1.5, then went right back to 1.2a, still get it.

I am using SeaMonkey.

So, the problem goes back to how the original stylesheets changes are implemented in SJPPLOG relative to PPLOG.

Next I'll try pe_pplog, which is another enhancement of PPLOG.


Scott's page
Username: technosaurus
I don't see any issues on his page: as long as you don't change the default stylesheet. I would just disable that feauture. $config_enableStyleSelect (enables switch styles from menu)

Disable stylesheet switching
Username: BarryK
"technosaurus, Yes, that fixes it! Hmmm, I wonder why Scott's own blog doesn't have that problem. He does have stylesheet switching enabled, as it is in the menu. Anyway, that is good, I will go back to version 1.6 (have 1.2a installed right now), and get it setup nicely, then will announce it. I wonder, I was thinking of converting my current blogs into static HTML pages, thinking that will reduce the host Apache server work-load. But perhaps not, if the pages are large.

Username: BarryK
"I have installed pe_pplog, version 2.1a, created by efiabruni, it is very nice. One thing I like, is all admin stuff is separated out. Then there's cookie-based login for the admin. Lots more good things. Reckon I will go with this. pe_pplog Forum thread: Project page: One small thing it doesn't have, is the security code option of numeric digits only -- I will see if I can hack that in.

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