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Precise: mesa compiled

July 08, 2013 — BarryK
In the previous post I mentioned wanting to reduce the size of Precise Puppy. Here is the first step.

From configuration lessons I have learnt with T2 over the past week, I configured and compiled the 'mesa' package in Precise pup, without the 'llvm' dependency.

llvm is a monster, adding about 7.1MB to the live-CD .iso file, yet it is only used in Precise pup for one mesa driver, the Gallium r300. I decided to sacrifice that driver.

For the record, this is the configuration:

# ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var --build=i586-pc-linux-gnu --enable-dri --enable-glx --enable-shared-dricore --with-gallium-drivers="i915,nouveau,r600,swrast,svga" --with-dri-drivers="i915,i965,r200,radeon,swrast" --disable-gallium-llvm --disable-selinux

PETs (8.5M, 177K):

The source is from the Ubuntu 'precise-updates' repository, with patch.


More on "Precise the next Wary"

July 08, 2013 — BarryK
I raised this possibility recently, and there has been ongoing discussion on the Forum:

Instead of slogging on with T2, which I commented earlier is akin to "flogging a dead horse", I am revisiting the idea of repositioning Precise Puppy as the next Wary/Racy.

As I see it, these things need to happen:

Become lighter, both in size and runtime resources. A less resource-hungry web browser. Recompile some apps to remove huge dependencies -- in particular, 'icu' and 'llvm'.

Simplify the Puppy Package Manager. Have it default to a window that does not show radiobuttons to select a repo, just lists packages that are tested to work. This database will be in a simple XML format that anyone can contribute to (and PETs and DEBs can be hosted anywhere). The PPM will be switchable to showing repos.

Recompile the 3.2.x kernel to support ISA and EISA buses. I have already tested the 'f2fs' patch in this kernel -- it works.
I will contact rerwin about automating the compiling of analog modem drivers.


T2 and Racy6

July 07, 2013 — BarryK
It is looking good. So far I have only tested on two of my laptops, and I installed Racy6 on my "second" laptop, full HD installation, and right now the 3.2.48 kernel is compiling.

This kernel is configured for i486, non-PAE (4G RAM limit), SMP (Symmetric MultiProcessor), f2fs (builtin), ISA-bus support.
Configured as much as I could to run on old PCs.

When I used the Universal Installer, I discovered that Xdialog segfaults. I guessed that this is due to the version of GTK+ ...and yes, I guessed right. Racy6 had GTK 2.24.19, and when I grabbed libgtk-x11* version 2.24.17 from Raring pup and put it into Racy6, Xdialog worked.

Note: the GTK developers are not just bug-fixing the 2.24.x series, they are also back-porting some stuff from GTK+3. I wish they would leave well-enough alone.

I am going to do "build #4" in T2, and will roll back GTK, plus apply any patches from Ubuntu.

I'll start that running tonight. It takes about 1.5 days to run right through.

While T2 is doing it's thing, I'll work on my ideas for the PPM.


PPM for Wary

July 06, 2013 — BarryK
For the planned Wary 6.0, I am thinking of setting up the Puppy Package Manager (PPM) differently.

The repository-selection radio buttons will be removed.

Instead, there will simply be packages offered that have been tested to work, which can actually be from any repo, Slackware, Ubuntu, or whatever.

These can actually be "meta packages" that also list any deps and where to get them from.

Then it will be simple, choose a package, and install it.

Downloading from other distro's repositories overcomes the problem of hardly any packages when Wary 6 gets released.

It will be setup such that most library dependencies are actually available in the 'puppy-wary6' repository, so will always be using the same set of libraries.

Thanks to, I think it was simargl on the forum, who got me thinking about simplifying the PPM.

A small detail: I am thinking of dropping the name "Wary" and just use "Racy". There will no longer be separate Wary and Racy, and I like the latter name better.


Icon Finder 1.4

July 01, 2013 — BarryK
SFR has announced a new version of Icon Finder:

A small change I made was to add the sub-category into the pet.specs file:
iconfinder-1.4|iconfinder|1.4||Graphic;viewer|60K||||Find icons in your system||||
iconfinder_NLS-1.4|iconfinder_NLS|1.4||Graphic;viewer|4K||||Find icons in your system||||

PET uploaded (10K):

Tags: puppy

jwmconfig2 "fixed'

July 01, 2013 — BarryK
I used 01micko's jwmconfig2 PET in the Raring Puppy alpha2 build, but JWM displayed the virtual desktops as 2x2, and the "show desktop" icon is different from the original.

None of the above is a bug, that is just how 01micko wants it for his Slacko.

For myself though, I have modified it back to the original 3x1 virtual desktops and the original "show desktop" icon. The PET now has "-2":


Raring Puppy 5.6.94 (5.7alpha2)

June 29, 2013 — BarryK
This is looking pretty good, maybe I should have bumped it to a beta!

Download from here:

The new pup_event IPC mechanism is introduced here:

If you want to try the new IPC mechanism, you don't have to be a programmer. Just open a terminal window and type this:

# pup_event_ipc "block:myapp"

...then, plug in a USB Flash stick.

Unplug it, or maybe plug some other drive in, then run the above again -- you see, the hotplug events have queued, so you get them all.

To play more with this, click the Menu -> Help -> Puppy's InterProcess Communication

Alpha2 fixes some bugs reported in alpha1. It also has the very latest JWM, version 819, and BaCon 2.1.9.


Raring Puppy "5.7alpha1"

June 16, 2013 — BarryK
If anyone would like to play with a pup built with latest Woof, kernel, and based on Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) DEBs, I have uploaded a snapshot.

It is version number 5.6.92, get it from here:

Some of the new features:
1. Login and Security Manager (System menu).
2. SeaMonkey maybe faster.
3. pup_event_frontend_d, the daemon that manages desktop drive icons (amongst other things), should be faster.
4. JWM 784, Psync fixed, BaCon 2.1.7.
5. Linux kernel 3.9.5, maybe better drivers. Configured with devtmpfs, PAE-enabled, i686 CPU.
6. Also under-the-hood, udev replaced by eudev.